Hi! My name is Breck Brindley and I want to be your next Ogemaw County Clerk.


As your current Chief Circuit Court Clerk and with my background in Marketing Management, I have the experience this office needs and what it takes to succeed. I love my job working for YOU in our community and I am ready to step into this role. I will be a hands-on leader involved in the day to day activity with a presence in the office that we need to effectively continue to serve the residents of Ogemaw County and fulfill the statutory duties of the County Clerk. I am running for this position for the RIGHT reasons. This will be my full-time job that will have my entire focus, and I am looking for long term success. We need a department head that will be actively involved and completely invested and that is me.


So, I am asking, if you are able, for your support because there are considerable costs to run for an elected position, and this is the lifeblood of my campaign. Your donation will go towards  newspaper ads!


Thank you in advance for your contribution and please VOTE BRECK BRINDLEY for County Clerk on August 4, 2020!!!!



Here are ways you can donate:


  • Venmo: @Breck-Brindley

  • Pay Pal: paypal.me/breckbrindley

  • Mail a check to: Committee To Elect Breck Brindley - 5339 Birchwood Ave. Gladwin, MI 48624

  • Call/Text Breck : 989.387.1324


Order a “Breck Brindley for County Clerk” T-Shirt $20

Call/Text Breck: 989.387.1324

Email: breckforcountyclerk@gmail.com



Please contact me if you would allow me to put a campaign sign in your yard!!!!!!!




Breck (Gildner) Brindley

Candidate for Ogemaw County Clerk