"I am giving my endorsement and full support to Breck Brindley in her campaign for Ogemaw County Clerk.  As an employee of mine, she has done an excellent job in every aspect of her work.  I trust her completely to perform her work.  She is dedicated, hard-working, and great with the public.  She will be a great asset to the citizens of Ogemaw County.  Vote for Breck…you won’t regret it!"


Ogemaw County Clerk

"My name is Vicki Seltz Barnes and I am writing in support of Breck Gildner Brindley, who is running for the position of your Ogemaw County Clerk on the August Primary ballot. I have worked with Breck over a 25-year period in retail and in our community, and have always admired her positive attitude, great customer service skills, dependability, family dedication, and very honest work ethic.  Those skills, along with her desire to put her past and current experiences to work for the citizens of Ogemaw County, make her the best candidate for this important position in our local government. Through her current position within the Ogemaw County Clerk's office, she has already become familiarized with the variety of responsibilities of this key County office, the various Departments of the County, and is willing and able to learn even more and put that knowledge to work for all citizens of our county.  She has not been a career politician, and that is an important standout trait for the person running for this position.  Join me in getting out the vote FOR Breck Gildner Brindley on August 4.  Thank you."


Ogemaw County Resident

"After both knowing Breck in high school and then working with her very closely at the Ogemaw County Clerk’s office, I can easily say, without a doubt, she will be an EXCELLENT County Clerk! She was always quick to answer my questions, even the times when I had a mom brain and asked her something really stupid (which happened way more than either of will admit), she was always well prepared and didn’t hesitate to ask questions to help her better understand a situation, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I saw her engaging with the public, she was kind, thoughtful, patient, and helpful."


Former Criminal and Civil Legal Assistant

"Breck has a great work ethic and I’ve seen her go above and beyond the call of duty while I have worked closely with her for the last few months. I support Breck Brindley as our next County Clerk and so should you!"


Family County Clerk - Ogemaw County

"I support Breck for the county clerk position. Her background, leadership skills and time working in the office with Mr. Klacking makes for a wise choice to be the next County Clerk."


Edwards Township Supervisor & Retired Michigan State Police Sergeant

"The reason I'm supporting Breck Brindley Clerk of Ogemaw County is because as a clerk of the City of Rose City, I will be working directly with Breck especially on Elections. We need someone with Breck's honesty and integrity to run our County's elections. So PLEASE vote for BRECK BRINDLEY for Ogemaw County Clerk! The freedom and honesty of our elections are important to our Country and to our County."


City of Rose City Clerk

"It is my pleasure to support Breck Brindley for Ogemaw County Clerk.  Breck is very knowledgeable about the position and I believe she will do a great job in the position. Please vote in the Primary Election on August 4th."


Ogemaw County District 3 Commissioner & Former Ogemaw County Corrections Officer

As a Trustee of Ogemaw Township I am well aware of the important duties of a clerk. I believe that Breck Brindley is right choice for Ogemaw County Clerk. She works in that office and she has the knowledge that it takes to professionally handle the job.



Ogemaw Township Trustee

"On behalf of the United Steelworkers Local 8569, I am pleased to offer to you our endorsement for your election to be the next Ogemaw County Clerk."


President, United Steelworkers Local 8569

"Working with Breck on Jury Commission I found her to be very competent in her work in the county clerks office. As a township clerk I feel it's necessary that the county needs a competent working enthusiastic county clerk that will work well with the township clerks and serve teh county well."


Foster Township Clerk & Jury Commission Member